Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Jersey Organic Farming - a growing viewpoint with Ben Raskin of UK Soil Association

Ben Raskin spoke in Jersey on 25 April 2017 - this is a video of his presentation for the Jersey Organic Association

It appears here in Two Parts.

The First Part  appears as
Part A - about 10 minutes

Part B - about 14 minutes

It concludes with Ben Raskin's talk on CSA - about 20 minutes

CSA is sometimes  called Community Sponsored Agriculture or
Community Supported Agriculture.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

E-Gov, Deputy Wickenden and the States of Jersey Way....

I was very interested in Deputy Scott Wickenden's Proposition on E-Petitions - especially since he is the Assistant Minister for E-Gov.
So I tried to contact him  - by phone and e-mail - to discuss it and to record a video but no response.
So I went ahead without him and recorded this e-interview which I copied to Greffier Egan and invited him to circulate it to all elected States Members.
He declined saying I must do so myself. So much for E-Gov.
So I copied it to 32 of the 49 elected States Members - of these just 2 responded (by email) namely Deputies Hilton and McDonald.

I hope that the E-Petition Proposition will be approved by the States when it is debated since it is important that the public does not have to depend upon on such unreliable representatives to be heard.

Roll on the next election - shame Jersey will not be joining with the UK on 8 June this year....

Monday, February 20, 2017

Helene Le Gros - apero concert - Tremuson (St Brieuc) - 17 February 2017

The videos that follow are part of the memorable concert given by Helene Le Gros for the Quebec Celtic Association at Tremuson near St Brieuc on 17 February 2017

Part One above (4 songs)

Part Two above (1 song)

Thanks to Helene and the Quebec Celtic Association

Monday, February 6, 2017

Romanian Solidarity in Jersey 5 February 2017

There has been a week of peaceful demonstration in Romania against policies of the recently elected government.
Some nights 300,000 people have joined in protest in Bucharest - around the world Romanians have shown their support and solidarity.
This was Jersey on 5 February.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Holocaust Memorial Day - Jersey 27 January 2017 - Bob Le Sueur MBE speaker

21 Jersey residents are known to have died in Concentration Camps during WW2 and about 300 more were deported to continental prison camps for such offences as listening to the radio

Jersey's Holocaust Memorial Day is centred upon their memory but with a world-wide perspective.
Every year there is a guest speaker, readings, prayers and the laying of wreaths by officials of the Island and many groups and individuals.

Unfortunately, Jersey has not ratified such important UN Conventions as CEDAW - to Eliminate All forms of Discrimination Against Women - and the government does not treat human rights and the elimination of discrimination in all its forms as a priority.

Discrimination on the grounds of Disability has not yet been enacted for example  and the relevant UN Convention has also not yet been ratified.

Very little information about the application of human rights and related international treaties and obligations is published by the Jersey administration.

Chief Minister Ian Gorst laid a wreath today on behalf of the Government of Jersey but declined to be interviewed.

This year  Bob Le Sueur MBE delivered the keynote speech which is presented in full here;

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Social Housing in Jersey at an unsocial cost - will the "affordable housing shortage" ever end?

Andium Homes the "arms length" company that has taken over the role of social housing provider for Jersey Government has just refurbished a small block of two bedroom maisonettes at Clos de Sables, St Brelade
Originally built in the 1960s the block had major structural faults and Andium has made the building look better than it ever did - but the flats do not offer "lifetime homes" standards and at over £300 per week rent they are hardly "affordable" to many.

A few hundred metres away on the other side of Route Orange are some of the Island's more expensive private properties including the stylish 1930s Les Lumieres - alongside which a very large private dwelling is now being constructed.

So there is no shortage of money available in Jersey for new housing or to pay for old properties and this area of St Brelade could be  further developed or redeveloped to provide many housing units. But who should enjoy them....

Here Deputy Tadier discusses some of the many and complex issues relating to this area and other matters that can apply across the Island



Sunday, January 22, 2017

Jersey Disability Partnership meeting 16 January 2017 - Public transport and other issues

This is a recording in four parts of the Jersey Disability Partnership meeting at the Salvation Army premises, St Helier on 16 January 2017.

PARTS one to three include a talk from Tristen Dodd of Infrastructure explaining about buses and taxis and related matters.

There is a short contribution from Nikki Withe of Liberty Bus at the end of Part Three with some information on the new Accessibility Card

Part four is an extract from the Committee meeting which discusses present and future plans for JDP and the relationship with ENABLE.

There is a short report at the end on a visit to the Jersey Airport and progress with regard to the installation of Changing Places toilets at the several  Ports of Jersey.

PART ONE Tristen Dodd on buses and taxis

PART TWO Tristen Dodd cont'd

PART THREE Tristen Dodd cont'd and Nikky Withe

PART FOUR  JDP Committee discussion